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Construction Project Scheduling and Control

Verfasst von: Mubarak, Saleh A.
Veröffentlicht am: 5. Aug. 2020

Ensure successful construction projects through effective project scheduling and control The success of a construction project is dependent on a schedule that is well-defined yet flexible to allow for inevitable delays or changes. Without an effective schedule, projects often run over budget and deadlines are missed which can jeopardize the success of the project. The updated Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide that examines the analytical methods used to devise an efficient and successful schedule for construction projects of all sizes. This Fourth Edition describes the tools and methods that make projects run smoothly, with invaluable information from a noted career construction professional. Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Fourth Edition offers construction professionals a redefined Critical Path Method (CPM) and updated information on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it impacts project control. This Fourth Edition includes worked problems and scheduling software exercises that help students and practicing professionals apply critical thinking to issues in construction scheduling. This updated edition of Construction Project Scheduling and Control: Includes a revised chapter on the Critical Path Method (CPM) and an all-new chapter on project scheduling and control as viewed through the ownerˊs perspective Provides numerous worked problems and construction scheduling exercises Includes an expanded glossary and list of acronyms Offers updated instructor materials including PowerPoint lecture slides and an instructorˊs manual Written for undergraduate and graduate students in construction management, civil engineering, and architecture, as well as practicing construction management professionals, Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Fourth Edition is updated to reflect the latest practices in the field.



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