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Highway Engineering, 3rd Edition

Verfasst von: Rogers
Veröffentlicht am: 5. Aug. 2020

The repair, renovation and replacement of highway infrastructure, along with the provision of new highways, is a core element of civil engineering, so this book covers basic theory and practice in sufficient depth to provide a solid grounding to students of civil engineering and trainee practitioners. Moves in a logical sequence from the planning and economic justification for a highway, through the geometric design and traffic analysis of highway links and intersections, to the design and maintenance of both flexible and rigid pavements Covers geometric alignment of highways, junction and pavement design, structural design and pavement maintenance Includes detailed discussions of traffic analysis and the economic appraisal of projects Makes frequent reference to the Department of Transport?s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Places the provision of roads and motorways in context by introducing the economic, political, social and administrative dimensions of the subject




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ISBN-10 1118378156

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