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Rational Tunnelling -- 2nd Summerschool, Innsbruck, 2005 (Advances in Geotechnical Engineering and Tunneling, Band 13)

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Tunnelling is not an art the exclusive domain of the few but the application of a sophisticated technology that can be mastered just like any other engineering discipline. But as tunnelling continues to boom, the ood of innovations is not always re ected in university teaching. This school is designed to help those newly qualified or employed in the field to stay ahead, by providing access to the latest thinking and processes from a rare collection of the worlds leading authorities. In the 2nd Summerschool Rational Tunnelling , an international group of select specialists addressed with lectures intending to illuminate various aspects of tunnelling. The present volume contains the notes of these lectures. Aspects are: - Safety in tunnelling - Engineering decisions based on hazard assessment - Blasting methods in tunnelling - Injection for waterproofing and ground improvement in underground construction - Exploration by core drilling - Tunnel support ahead of the face with pipe roofs or forepoling - New approaches in tunnelling with composite canopies installation-design-monitoring - Lighting of road tunnels in Austria - Rock reinforcing " Tunnelling with soil freezing - The start of hydroshields risk assessment under high water pressure - Geotechnical risks for tunnel drives with shield machines - Earthquake resistant design of tunnels


Kolymbas, Dimitrios | Laudahn, Andreas


Veröffentlicht am 30.09.2005

ISBN-13 9783832510121

ISBN-10 3832510125

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