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Construction Management JumpStart: The Best First Step Toward a Career in Construction Management

Jackson, Barbara J.

Verlag: Wiley
ISBN-13 9781119451013
ISBN-10 1119451019
Auflage 3.
512 Seiten

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The bestselling introduction to the field, updated and expanded Construction Management Jumpstart is the definitive introduction to the field, providing a detailed walkthrough of each stage of a project from the construction managerˊs perspective. Authoritative coverage of fundamental concepts and practices clearly delineates the managerˊs role, while step-by-step guidance provides valuable instruction for essential management duties. This new third edition has been updated to reflect the fieldˊs current environment and best practices, giving students a highly-relevant introduction to an evolving industry. Three new chapters include insightful discussion of the pre-construction phase, team management, and sustainability; challenging chapter review questions help reinforce important concepts and help translate them to practice. Construction managers work alongside project managers, and use many of the same tried-and-true techniques--but construction managers must also adhere to a vast array of industry-specific standards and regulations. This book helps you build a foundation in critical concepts and practices while tailoring traditional project management techniques to the construction management sphere. Understand essential management roles and responsibilities for each stage of a construction project Learn how to estimate costs, administer contracts, manage operations, monitor performance, assess risks, and more Explore critical concepts in planning and scheduling that help keep projects running on-time and on-budget Discover how Building Information Modeling software is impacting the industry, and how it affects construction management Evolving regulations, advancing technology, and economies in flux all impact the construction industry in a number of ways; managementˊs job is to clear obstacles to delivery and streamline the projectˊs completion. To be effective, construction managers must stay up to date on the latest tools and best practices, and have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of the role. Construction Management Jumpstart provides a practical, highly-relevant introduction to the field.

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