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Bauen mit Betonfertigteilen im Hochbau (Bauingenieur-Praxis)

Hubert Bachmann, Alfred Steinle, Volker Hahn

Verlag: Ernst & Sohn
Januar 2010 erschienen
ISBN-13 9783433018507
ISBN-10 3433018502
Auflage 2. aktualisierte Auflage
270 Seiten

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This book provides a comprehensive insight into precast concrete construction today. The reader learns of the many façade design options made possible by this method of building. The authors also attempt to convey to engineers and architects the range of possibilities opened up by works prefabrication, thus preparing the way for the cost-effective use of concrete precast construction and for its further development.
In addition to making general observations on actual building with concrete precast sections, the authors explain exactly what is involved in designing such sections; they also give the reader an insight into load-bearing elements and façades. Reinforcing systems are dealt with, and connecting elements and specific static-constructive problems are explained in detail, as are the requirements of the European domestic market.
The description of the precast concrete section manufacturing process provides the reader with the necessary understanding of the individual characteristics of this industrialized method of building.

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