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Kommentar zum Handbuch Eurocode 7 - Geotechnische Bemessung: Allgemeine Regeln

Bernd Schuppener

Verlag: Ernst & Sohn
Gebundene Ausgabe
Januar 2012 erschienen
ISBN-13 9783433015285
ISBN-10 3433015287
Auflage 1. Auflage
320 Seiten

Preis 89,00 EUR (88,99 EUR gebraucht)


The commentary provides detailed foundations and explanations for a better understanding of the new terminology, regulations and definitions. The examples show how the new definitions can be put into practice in concrete situations. The book illustrates how the standard stability analyses in soil engineering, e.g. for flat footings, pile foundations, retaining structures, construction pit supports, anchorages or slopes, as well as checks against uplift and hydraulic ground failure can be performed based on Eurocode?s partial safety concept.

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