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Managing Design: Conversations, Project Controls, and Best Practices for Commercial Design and Construction Projects

LeFevre, Michael

Verlag: Wiley
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Juli 2019 erschienen
ISBN-13 9781119561767
ISBN-10 1119561760
Auflage 1.
416 Seiten

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Offers state-of-the-art principles and strategies gleaned from high-profile projects to help readers manage design This guide to managing design process within the commercial design and construction industry addresses a growing pain point in an industry where collaborative approaches to project delivery are outpacing the way professionals work. It synthesizes issues by investigating the "why," "how," and "who" of the discipline of managing design, and gives the "what" and "when" to apply the solutions given various project delivery and contracting methods. The book features candid interviews with over 40 industry leaders--architects, engineers, contractors, owners, educators, technology evangelists, and authors--which present a broad look at current issues and offer paths to future collaboration and change. Managing Design: Conversations, Project Controls and Best Practices for Commercial Design and Construction Projects is a self-help book for design and construction that provides aninsiderˊs look at the mysteries of managing design for yourself, team, firm and future. It tackles client empathy; firm culture; owner leadership; design and budgets; dealing with engineers, consultants, and contractors; contracts; team assembly; and much more. Features eye-opening interviews with 40 industry luminaries Exposes issues and poses solutions to longstanding industry ills Offers a project design controls framework and toolset for immediate application and action Includes best practice tips, process diagrams, and comparative analytical tables to support the text Written in a relatable style, Managing Design: Conversations, Project Controls and Best Practices for Commercial Design and Construction Projects is a welcome resource for owners, contractors, and designers in search of better ways to work together. "Managing Design blends practical advice from the authorˊs five decades in architecture and construction with wisdom from more than three dozen luminaries in the design, delivery, ownership and operation of the built environment. The result is an extraordinary guide to integrating practice across disciplines." --Bob Fisher, Editor-In-Chief, Design Intelligence"Managing Design peers into the soul of a contentious industry as it grapples with change--a deep dive into the design and construction process in the words of those doing the work. I enjoyed the engineers and contractorsˊ pleas to be made parties to design process early on. The questions--as interesting as the answers--are both here in this book." --Richard Korman, Deputy Editor, Engineering News Record "Managing Design hits many of the design and construction industryˊs ills head-on with insightful interviews by new and established leaders and real-world tactics on creating better teams, better communications between players, and--most vitally--better project results." --Rebecca W. E. Edmunds, AIA, Editor, Author and President, r4 llc

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