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Solutions for Soil and Structural Systems using Excel and VBA Programs

Sogge, Robert

Verlag: Wiley
Gebundene Ausgabe
September 2012 erschienen
ISBN-13 9781119951551
ISBN-10 1119951550
Auflage 1.
312 Seiten

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A practical guide to analyzing soil and structural systems using Excel spreadsheets and VBA macro programs (in open-source code) that are provided on the accompanying CD. This book gives readers the tools to understand the methods such as finite element analysis used to analyze common problems in structural engineering, foundation engineering and soil-structure interaction. The book has value just based on its instructions in Excel spreadsheets and the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro programming language alone. By providing an expert system and guidance to the reader in its use through examples, the author shows the methods and simple modelling techniques that demystify soil-structure applications by presenting the essentials in a clear and concise way. The book also addresses some of the disappointments in geo-engineering by providing tools to calculate deformations, implement soil-structure interaction procedures, provide simple computer solutions, while incorporating proper soil and rock properties in the analyses. * Can be used by students or practicing professional engineers as a hands-on self-study guide as prewritten complete Excel spreadsheets and VBA programs are applied to many different Civil Engineering example problems * VBA code techniques and its use and programming are explained but a working knowledge is not required to use the spreadsheet and programs provided * Computations are performed using VBA macro programs getting input data from worksheet cells (whereby the spreadsheet functions as a pre-processor) or from input data files Robert L. Sogge has a background which includes training, teaching, research and practical consulting in the area of soil-structure interaction. He achieved his PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona, USA, and practices in that state and California. He has developed many of these computer programs in the pursuit of his work as a consultant.

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