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Samstag, 24. August 2019
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Beton-Kalender 2014 Schwerpunkte: Unterirdisches Bauen - Grundbau - Eurocode 7

Konrad Bergmeister, Frank Fingerloos, Johann-Dietrich Wörner

Verlag: Ernst & Sohn
November 2013 erschienen
ISBN-13 9783433030516
ISBN-10 3433030510
Auflage 1. Auflage
1334 Seiten

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Underground construction and foundations are very complex and expensive today, particularly in inner cities. In order to provide a quick overview of the interfaces and the necessary dialogue among qualified engineers in modern design and construction, the entire range of disciplines and specialisations involved are described.
The latest types of foundations and construction methods in general building are extensively described. Particular attention is paid to the highly non-linear and complex holistic behavior of the system ground-structure and the interaction between the verification of serviceability of the foundation and the limit state of load-bearing capacity in the structure above.
Excavations are required for almost all construction projects, from pipe laying to extensive building projects between existing buildings. The essential calculation methods and construction processes are explained here, updated from EAB 2012.

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