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Microtunnelling: Installation and Renewal of Nonman-Size Supply and Sewage Lines by the Trenchless Construction Method

Dietrich Stein, Klemens Möllers, Rolf Bielecki

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November 1988 erschienen
ISBN-13 9783433012017
ISBN-10 3433012016
344 Seiten

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This is a reference source for the installation and renewal of pipes and sewers by trenchless methods. Covering virtually every technique in considerable depth it enables the reader to make a fully informed choice about the most appropriate method for each project. There are detailed descriptions of the available steerable and non-steerable systems, their applicability, operational requirements and distinctive features. The book includes a wealth of comparative data for various soil types and different machines. Extensive coverage is provided on soil removal systems, measuring and steering techniques, construction of starting and target pits, and obstruction removal. Jacking pipes are fully discussed and their stress/strain ratios analyzed. The book also covers connections to housing, and provides a thorough economic appraisal of competing methods.

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